Problems with Fallout v1.5


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    Problems with Fallout v1.5

    Post by OblivionModda on Sat Jun 13, 2009 2:35 am

    According to the Bethesda Game Studio Forums:

    the following will happen if 1.5 is installed:

    Non-Persistant objects (statics etc) placed by mods will vanish upon loading them the second time. If you changed an already existing object in Fallout3.esm then it will reset to the default position (state, as it was in Fallout3.esm) upon a second loading.

    Affects: esp's only (seems to include everything even navmeshes), esm's and interior cells are unaffected.

    Steps to reproduce the bug:
    1) Create a new plugin, place a static of your choice outside Vault 101 (Vault101Exterior) and save the plugin.
    2) Activate the plugin, start Fallout 3 and load any gamesave.
    3) Fast travel to Vault 101 (you'll see the object that you placed) then fast travel to Megaton.
    4) Fast travel back to Vault 101 and you'll see the object is now gone.

    So basically any mod that makes a change to an exterior cell is now totally borked. This means mods that have add buildings, camps, loot, doors to interior cells, maybe even NPC's (I'm not sure) etc are all messed up. Apparently the only way to fix this is to convert all such objects to persistent objects (which mostly will be a bear in many cases) or convert your esp's to esm's. This is going to mess up a ton of mods.

    I hate for people to continue working hard on mods that people are going to start having trouble with. And I'd hate for people who've converted to 1.5 to download and install mods that are not going to work for them.

    Any thoughts?

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