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    Post by huang on Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:10 pm

    This process does not represent all the milan, real milan you will soon see."O lai Gerry have football jerseys, play, key in his can accurately nestled milan's pulse, win where lose anywhere very clearly, can control the team breath and direction, his team instantly restore uefa champions league defeat win, facial, proof coach diagnosis regulation ability. Milan and inter milan's ghd league defeat nature actually different, o lai Gerry said correctly, "inter won can get in the group and we have identified the group second, as with results business."European wars master-hand variable league coach outlet

    In the uefa champions league defeat at home to ajax and league unconventional crossroad, ugg boots sale can't held to milan to heaven, whether a serie a boss today of Europe's top level, is still a big question mark, only two wins from group is also for auxerre achievement, only between a second-rate coach purses. These remarkable smell a milan temperament changes, also can say into strategic changes, milan are from the league soft foot, European wars punches transformation into Europe somewhat weaker, league coach handbags character.

    Milan league games partitioning, attacking force after juve 2.4, defense optimal, these data win the coach wallets league enough. Divide the champions league games only 1.3, seven goals, with Manchester united, Copenhagen tied for 16 is the worst. Eight points in the finals, but nine points spartak Moscow and braga didn't qualify to milan score is half the group real Madrid oakley sunglasses online leonardo than last year, less than 1 minute, carlo ancelotti, champions league final year less five points, all in the champions league group stages are ancelotti to finish first. Can see, this year the two milan game pace opposite, European wars scores than formerly in decline. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, o lai Gerry is take a supplement the other end and weaken the war in ray ban wayfarer sunglasses and push the league process.

    Carlo ancelotti's first premiership champions league winners and dynasty successively, still calculate coach outlet, from 2004/5 on continuous loss to juve runner-up behind the door, telephone, home soil basic give up after the 2007 govinda, but they lost the Derby represents the moment, then a galliani's classic statements, "we are intercontinental events champions most club, we came to war in Europe is deformation. Advocacy milan European wars cheap gucci sunglasses at the same time, for the league weak vindication. From 2008 onwards, senior called for renewed league land-lost, double ended up poor of Scots, team need innovations. Old bei unexpectedly this summer to build team, not only spend three first reinforcements, and YePeiSi, PaPaSi coach purses top bloggs, repayment oddo etc squad rebuilding descriptions, taken the first step, and it indicates the restructuring of our lost territories ambition. Retrieve which one, when no clear objectives, half year down gradually clear: as long as recovery, no matter which belong to the field of cheap dior sunglasses.

    Now, based on the league, correction milan 21st century league disadvantaged (even if uefa chi flat iron league enough force) are correct, accord with sacchi, capello dynasty gradual growth path. Therefore, excessive contrast milan two game gap, question their strength seemed harsh and they haven't arrived all damage has been timed maturity, steady league club plans in a chi turbo. Based on the premiership champions again diagram development, the starting point higher than two has several empty-handed.Iraq Nebraska air max 24-7 best ronaldinho

    Ronaldinho shouldn't be part of the program, old wise bei with Iraq Nebraska replace ronaldinho, o lai air max homeopathic send force around the Swede construct, gradually eliminate ronaldinho. Although the champions league loss not ronaldinhio one man's fault, but the SAN siro fans booing, give the collective ronaldinho exodus paved the way. Ronaldinho attitude good, "not was playing on the ball to berlusconi call", but in vain. Iraq after air max 2011 from the goals and independent rotarian-administered blas, 13 goals in assists, assists, 8, tri-state7 rodeo8 best, the league assists 7, and cagliari secco Sue tied for the best, core role, beyond the obvious last year ronaldinho. Iraq this year's personal achievement Nebraska also exceeds him playing for juve, inter air max ltd any year, reaching his career high.

    O lai Gerry said he was "profound" "engine", agent team, "said about pull pull only have he ghd hair straighteners know his worth." Iraq except Nebraska "tantamount to premiership champions", are still in the challenge and a record: in the three shirt all title. Previously said sereni and Patrick vieira they realized, but gap significantly, said sereni effectiveness milan's two years (1991-1993) are ugg bailey button leading role, as a striker without goals. Vieira with milan in the year 1995/96 season more is not zero, scoring goals. Iraq Nebraska at inter, Juventus from the perspective of for the championship game, excluding well-deserved calciopoli factors, if you have this season milan's classic argyle knit, and he will be in serie a glorious history, a pen write it is hard to newcomers.The Swede busy these days, "DaZuiZhang with inter President massimo moratti and materazzi say I too much, so I am very important. I never mention them, they are not important to me. I miss the golden regret, for sneijder golden selection more into a chi pink activities, away from football, so I don't fight for that award, the whole heart chase team title." Wayne rooney why before missing a penalty? Obviously, this is united striker free-throw force caused by ghd iv styler

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