take the cautious firm keep back playing.


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        take the cautious firm keep back playing. Empty take the cautious firm keep back playing.

    Post by huang on Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:20 pm

    Home premiership away to touch the king's king, after 5 times in a row against the united four football jerseys and a draw, wily conciliator ferguson bold in the starting lineup removed last game in the premiership scored five yuan bei, insist on getting in recent years against the gunners effective 451 formation rooney playing lone striker, do not pursue scenes even at home also take ghd cautious firm keep back playing. Although possession than rivals, but Manchester united or get more openings: Wayne rooney shoot throw penalty, another Jody power shortage, Anderson and nani various waste time of the area coach outlet. Visible such tactics effectively limits the gunners reverting to find the flaw of the opposition defence. Midfielder logisticalproblems thrown them in no player performance is a standout, but very hard compressed the Arsenal play space, accomplished "own can't play ugg boots sale but also let opponent worse!" .

    This battle lines's overall performance can best game this season, lack of experience more laval coach purses slowly mature and didn't let the other side the most dangerous kenaz in this side have any roumania. Patrice evra and ease, assists in place back in time. Two central defender nemanja vidic tacit understanding, with very high balls have absolute advantage for the gunners "coach handbags " of the "manufacturing emperor" check mark, even if the goalkeeper Edwin van der SAR the sealing ball didn't block good, he was able to catch up on door dissolve game rivals the most threatening an attack. Ferdinand experienced positional sense is very strong, bag filling in place, this is coach wallets season of masterpiece. One season in lead lose points, vigorously promotes the coaching staff have very good effect of defense. Nearly three rounds only by their opponents a total score, champions league six group games conceded just one oakley sunglasses online.

    Manchester united squad have two gunmen buster ", rooney personal career in two separtate 30 ray ban wayfarer sunglasses unbeaten and break Arsenal 49 wheel unbeaten decisive battle break season on "double killing" rivals away each build a work. The team only regret is that he can't achieve this season's "penalty three consecutive kill", but mobile warfare the ball control, organizations coach outlet good play. Ji-sung park fourth against Arsenal's door, nearly three starts against Arsenal have gained ground. Often in this top war goal reflects its excellent psychological quality and good game reading ability, cheap gucci sunglasses up into the box of time to hold very accurate, finishing technology comprehensively. Difficulty is taller header supine shoot is not luck careerism, need good reaction, body harmony and head feeling. Unfortunately under the influence of the Asian cup next month, when will miss united seven, eight coach purses.

    For Arsenal are concerned, post-match wenger refers to the turf quality not beautiful affect team cheap dior sunglasses play only pretence. Lateral comparison with him, after his famous "old man defense" and "invincible season" have no staff now compared the gap is too great. This is what causes them in recent years in and Manchester united and Chelsea cannot play in a timely manner of the clash of the fundamental reasons. Attack effect is not ideal defensive chi flat iron leads to the death, nearly eight visits to old trafford unexpectedly the fifth was sentenced to penalty was not accidental, this and early road is somewhat similar to defeat by Chelsea at Stamford bridge. "Professor," will chi turbo the future and how opponents in implementing firm keep counterattack tactics for cracked, can't always fell in with a "threshold".

    This war first time to play the premiership polish keeper, serve the opening, Nick ze kick-off the air max 24-7 have surrendered a qualified papers, coase cher, chiellini and Krishna pull all also have no strange mistakes, regrettable gael clichy this establishment each other's breakthrough, air max let him busy parry comparative pathetic. That throw a ball at his feet were nani finish "unintended inserted the willows" again unlucky second-half assists, be sentenced to a penalty. As' the 2003/04 season only in the team air max 2011 (seasonal small method only play three league cup) he has been in decline, gibbs is a "glass foot", this position to strengthen future. First 17 wheel after Arsenal has lost five games, who have played a game more difficulty, two points behind Manchester united come again on the increase. But the gunners midfield and personnel very neat

    small air max ltd and robin van persie returns are expected to increase attack power, only strives for to condense momentum at home preparation and ghd hair straighteners, Chelsea 15-second, while hoping Sunday blues can break Manchester united's unbeaten record to complicate situation. Delneri to rid buffon? ! Ought to have been media focus Juventus and lazio matchups, however because delneri at his pre-match press conference "warning buffon" series of speech but ignored. Injured at home of buffon given once again become a topic of hot debate, all anecdotal signs that delneri and ugg bailey button between "no calls" view does not seem to be invented.

    After several times with rumors arise different is, this time is delneri start a conversation." At classic argyle knit pre-match press conference, delneri if somewhat refers to the filed a buffon, "no one is to ensure he will get starting places, team inside each person's starting point is the same, whose performance good who deserve the starting line-up, this principle applies to alessandro chi pink piero and gianluigi buffon, amauri and juve each player." Then, delneri specially insisted: "buffon is one of the world's best goalkeeper, when he proved it later, he will play, but he must prove myself. Now storari ghd iv styler deserved starts, and want to start from his hand take considerable difficulty." quota

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