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    Post by sisy001 on Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:30 am

    The evening of June 8, Wuhan University coach outlet storeTechnology auditorium, filled to capacity. A year ago, is this "Entrepreneurship and Shou-yeh" is the wise old man - Jeans west International (HK) Co., Ltd. Mr. Yang Sun made the subject of the report. Wuhan back, he has traveled to eight cities in three months for Jeans west charity song and the university campus lectures and running, a few hours sleep a day. He was anxious to share, after the hard work of his life experience.
    Faced young man, he is no longer fighting for many years in business in the veterans, not a gain or loss is calculated for every businessman, but the poor boy from the ordinary people along the way, there have been difficult, there have been tears, butcoach bags outlet the end harvest to the open-minded and compassionate, but more in a rapidly changing world, invincible. A little more effort” Many young people are very confused, poor economic conditions; the employment situation is not good, worry about no way out.
    Actually, I think everything has a solution, others to 1600 the monthly salary; you only 1,000 Yuan, certainly there are units willing to. You get tired even after a serious fear of fearing neither hardship dry, I’m sure, nor soon, before you will be coach purses sale to earn back lost wages. Not afraid to suffer, to endure hardship, there will be returns on the day. "And he also has been holding "a little more effort," the belief that fights to this day.
    Born in Huizhou, Guangdong, an ordinary family, parents have been teaching him "to have ambition." The Cultural Revolution began, people began to drift around or give up on themselves, he decided to go to the first step brother settled in Hong Kong, Yang Zhao, how to? Tour the past! Thus, the age of 20, Yang Sun began his career in Hong Kong, the bottom of the workers from a start. 40 square meters in the small room packed with a dozen people, coach handbags outletHong Kong people look down on them, that they are "refugees." "We are also not English, can only do blue-collar, often running two or three factories a day to work."

    In this way, he quickly mastered the full range of technical clothing industry, including operations and management. Similarly, met some friends through thick and thin we are all "fellows." In his two years in Hong Kong, he and his brother founded the sun garment factory. Business people are unwilling to take from a single pair of jeans began, "In the circumstances, we take 200 dozen a month to maintain the plant to operate, and we took a pair of jeans at lowcoach wallet outlet, and soon capture the production on the technical issues, the results of the first year of 10 million dozen to do.”

    In this way, the efforts of the brothers, the company from small to large, from unknown to famous. "Can not always be controlled by others, so we bought the Australian clothing retail brand JEANSWEST, last year, the brand has already done 30 billion, with China now the largest casual clothing sales network; financial turmoil, we spend less than 20 million are in Beijing Road 1 bought a building, and now has a market value estimate of 55 million ... ... "You may be faint because of his words and feeling really lucky he can each harvest, the number of day and night efforts are condensed," there has never been lucky to travel a farther to order.

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