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    Post by sisy001 on Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:32 am

    Life together of love by many as was the most ideal and perfect state of life. Recently, the world famous magazine "Reader's Digest" research coach wallet outlet in Germany found that, in order to achieve this state, the marriage must have three common factors, but also crossed the threshold of 5Happy marriage with three kinds of common factories Tai said that happy families are all alike, unhappy family is unhappy in its own. This called "an important factor in a happy marriage," research confirms this famous for.
    Subjects of the investigation were about 1,000 pairs in Germany from 1 to 60 years of marriage couples. Investigation includes determination of couples "marriage happy index" and case studies. Survey, a couple a long life together to promote thecoach handbags of 3 factors: First, relatively high quality of sex. Responsible for the survey on marriage and health experts in Germany Professor Wheeler, sex is secreted by the brain in the disposal of chemical substances. It allows the body o can and vasopressin levels increase, these chemical substances gives rise to a strong sense of dependence.

    Second and spouses were to maintain a great relationship. Romantic love will produce a chemical called dopamine, people have too much of the fascination with the emotional partner. Survey of people in a crush of was more than 90% of the timecoach purses outletto their loved ones. Third, family life and work of was the same view. With increasing age, the feeling was between partners from the "passion of the" into the "quiet period." Stable family life, they have a strong sense of security, is this power to a husband and wife life together. During the marriage threshold to cross 5

    Professor Wheeler, in human life, marriage to go through five stages, each stage has different characteristics, to ignore them may lead to marriage failure. It just crossed the threshold of 5 to life together. Adapt to each other stage: 18-30. This coach bags outlet, the young couple to was balance work and family life. If you have children, husbands for their position in the family will feel confused. Experts suggest that this time should be more in order to make up a harmonious sexual life between husband and wife relationship.
    Studies have shown that newly married couples quarrel between the damage is done; they should be calm and resolve grievances. Professor Wailer said Germany is the classic joke indicates how a man should do at this time: "The sexiest thing tocoach outlet store washing dishes.” Stage: 31-43-year-old partner. This stage, the husband and wife work and family life has reached a balance, similar views, but the husband deliberately career development.
    Statistics show that in was this age group is most vulnerable during a divorce. "If the husband and wife independently, it is easy to take advantage of outsiders to undermine marriage." Thus, a wife must take into account the wishes and dreams of her husband, often ask him: "Today, how, is everything going?" Listen workaholic husband to tell feelings between husband and wife to mind connected.


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