Goose kept singing


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    Goose kept singing Empty Goose kept singing

    Post by sisy001 on Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:37 am

    Easy to understand why people like seagulls - the rugged rocks overlooking the harbor, I saw a seagull flying free. Its wings vigorously flapping back, rose higher and higher, higher and higher, until higher than all other birds, and then glide out one magnificent loop. It continues to show, as if a camera is aligned to know it, a record of its elegance. However, the Seagull the group, it completely changed a way, all the grace and solemnity are degenerated into infighting dirty and cruel. Or bird seagull, it was like a bomb into the gull-like group, and stole some meat scraps, feathers coach wallet outletanger provoked scattered screams. Seagull does not exist between the concept of sharing and politeness, only envy, and fierce competition. If you're a seagull's leg on the root system of red ribbons, make it appear different, you've just handed down its death penalty.
    Other gulls paws and mouth violently attack it, it Pikairouzhan and bloody, until the floor in a bloody mission. If we must choose a bird as coach handbags outlet model of human society, then the seagull is definitely not a good choice. Instead, we should study the behavior of geese. Have you ever wondered why geese should be arranged in "V" shaped Goose it?
    Scientists tell us that flying geese in the Goose in the rate of 71% higher than the solo. In a "V" shaped tip of the most difficult task of geese, you need coach purses outlet bear the greatest air resistance, so the lead goose will rotate every few minutes, so that geese can fly long distances without rest. Philosophy of life Goose the most relaxed position of the tail of the two, let the young geese strong, the sick and the aging of the geese occupied the position of the effort.
    Goose kept singing, which is behind a strong companion to encourage geese. If any of you just too tired or sick geese because of the stragglers, coach bags outlet will not abandon it. They will send healthy geese, accompanied by companions left behind fell to the ground, until it can continue flying.
    This close co-operation of social order for the survival and healthy development of the geese play a critical role in ... ... However, sometimes more like coach outlet store society is composed of hundreds of millions of lonely seagull population, people bickering over the interests of the individual, the cost of have their own pressure to bear alone

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