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    We have a good mood Empty We have a good mood

    Post by sisy001 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:31 am

    We come from all over the country we come from different places, a "red" will be linked to us; our colleagues from the working class, we come from coach outlet store brothers, we come from a classmate friend, a "red" phase pull. Friend, wherever you Haijiaotianya, we have a good mood, go the wrong Divine every corner, where our entire home. In my diary, I will not forget his friends, friends is the day, also, the friend can upright; friend is the wind, rain, friends, can do anything they want; wealth is not permanent friends, friends, is a permanent wealth. When New Year's bell sounded, Please accept the sincere wishes Messenger: New Year's gucci wallet outlet luck wishes friend.
    These friends are: Danu Ablation, two knives flow, Went Qing, desert snow e, Du lumber, Shih woman, Luoyang Tiger, Yu Zairian, colorful rice, southern water ghosts, Toughing entrants, open Chinese rose, purple Yet Pious, Banyan, the handsome stay, every day of happiness, the day is long, one-humped camel, blue tidal Nab, breeze, Yu Yawn, Mr. warm, do not Lie, Jiang Feigning, delphinium wandering, on the Helen, secluded bamboo ice Quant,
    http://www.toryburchcenter.com/ Danu Portland, Yinchuan, Wu Yi, North Yin, long, disappear if the silent, suffering daughter, dream flapping in the wind, the water lilies, nonsense, rushes, such as silk, clear rain Qiaochuang, Ian broken by death, it is serious, hard work holidays, insurance health, dementia nobles, with Villa, easy to get along, first time, gucci belt sale
    Department, CSU Shinto, Indus drizzle 1, butterflies Regales, blue fish, show, Jinmen Long, now friends of the world, Ku Fang, Lin Xiaofeng, Nark flower plateau Dueling, sky Zhen Hong, Happy Bank, the lonely poet, Memorial rain micro blue, white water equality. There are a lot of friends, not in this name a few.
    Greeting you will understand, my friends, New Year's cheer! This can be via Wafangdian, is a very large out of an accident, and so I was suddenly in my heart the faces of the soldiers who churn out the same time, churning out an earnest yearning, churning out a return of veterans has not been enthusiastic about gifts to guilt. Time
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    flies, looking back to past events, vivid memories, seems like every other day, and twist to your partner, they are sixteen of seven spring. My old comrades in arms, wow, you are now busy with? Children will be able to give you porter, right? Do not know if you remember my fellow Northeast - an ungrateful little fellow?
    Train only a short stay, my heart is like a winged dove, flew over the Wafangdian, although the sound of call, call not to ally familiar eyes, but I am confused a sincere wish, in this land and this stay in the sky - to wish my fellow! Wish my comrades in arms! You can be very sensible in my forehead between the eyebrows just a shallow gently kiss you gently and strong arm just hugged
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    around, and thus stand a moment in silence, in my ears you said to me gently: "Land, I'm so happy, really happy, my heart life is enough."
    Look at the back you're gone, how I want to say to you, I do not willing to flee from me like you because I know deep in life, sometimes, turn around, that is life, no longer met, However, I did not call you again, I'm afraid, afraid of each other, we really went into errors, you go, do not look back, but I secretly back again and again
    gucci bags outlet see you. You say the words of a man promises of gold, you say, so after the autumn harvest season Quiz, where you will send me a sweet, I just smiled silent, I said, Beijing has everything, I do not rare , you say, be sure to give me a call, the harvest season, once again I received your call, you say, so I went to the station to meet pear, this is you, but keep a man from Shandong Northeast blood boiling man, a gentleman articulation, such as nails, like hammers, sonorous, powerful, and I know you bring me not only sweet and the pear, but a deep friendship, gucci outlet store
    I once again touched, grateful, this life, there is The truth of your love, my heart is enough.

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