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    Since a long time Empty Since a long time

    Post by sisy001 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:32 am

    How are you recently, you know, like you do in Portland? Since a long time, and my heart there is always a sketch for you a long-cherished wish of text, but I do not know how to write, I do not know where to write on, your favorite language of my respect, then let me write it with the Caprice. A big crowd, the vast network the sea, and we were able to meet in good mood which met; it really can be said to Romance. Lofty amorous encounters your understanding of my passion, writing for the media, is simply a kind of tacit understanding the passion of Brief Encounter, you have to come to Beijing to see me, I said, distance is the mutual appreciation of beauty, As time forward, you have to see me, just in time for National Day holiday, because my mother was ill, I want to go home to see my mother, I tell you I have already booked a train ticket, you said that you Regardless, you will come back home with me to see my mother, I always thought, you are kidding, did not think that you called to tell me that you have sitting in northeast Beijing-bound train, vintage gucci bags that I'm waiting for you in Beijing, because just in time for National Day holiday, many people on board, you stand all the way to Beijing, after a few hours of fatigue bumpy night, you finally in my last two hours before the train before travel-stained, went to Beijing and I get back home with the train, I bought a sleeper ticket, you are standing tickets on the train after the meeting too.

    Train gucci shoes for men cars, not let the replacement ticket by myself, so you go overcrowded hard seat cars, and stood for hours, late at night, you have come to my sleeping car, you sit on my bed, So journeying to look at me, saying no, at this moment, I truly feel what it really is a silent victory has made the move. In fact, at this moment you understand my heart, and then the beautiful language in front of us all seem so pale and weak, we just holding hands, a long time closely and feeling each other's heart and soul that comes from a tacit agreement, the train rapidly forward, hand 2010 gucci sunglasses hand so you and I to the dawn.
    The car you first go to the hospital with me to see my mother, you do not have too many words, yet most sincere filial piety clearly demonstrated you followed me home, although we first met but it felt so familiar. I say you go to a restaurant for dinner, you say, you just do what I love to eat, I went into the kitchen to make a soy pot noodles,
    belt cheap easily come up with a few in the refrigerator vegetable, rice, very simple, you eat very incense, you will not look at me, then you go to the hotel, you said to me, to live in my house, my bad.

    In fact, we do pure crystal friends ah, your understanding is always touched me. Because my mother was ill, I do not find time to accompany you to play, time to own your own car one day to the Old City from the Metro in a circle in the evening, my little brother that you eat, the table, the younger brother advise you to drink, do not drinking glass you will reach for my little brother said: "This wine buy gucci wallet really fragrant, this situation really strong," you a drink, his face reddened, cute ah.
    After dinner, you said not the liquor power, to the hotel bed, in the modesty and courtesy, I do not have to go take care of you. The next morning, you called me and said, you have to leave to return, I say to you, to stay Wangi Tina, waiting for me back to Beijing along with it. You said that you go as far as this is the path of life, from three thousand miles way is to look at me, you have seen, but also the wish of their own, you say you do not even
    about coach handbags
    tired and hard work, this travel is value, I once again moved.
    I went to the hotel to find you, in fact, you understand my mind, and can you tell me that: "Portland, so I gently kiss you, but what can hold you gently?" I gently closed on the eyes, eager to give you a passionate deep kissing me or the more......

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