New Year's Day


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    New Year's Day Empty New Year's Day

    Post by sisy001 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:34 am

    Sometimes think that life would be so many beautiful stop, which is left of good, just been trampled on the pace of the times, turning plate to create tragedy, gucci outlet NJ who suffer. Happiness is so short, sadness is so long. Fortunately, one good story in the pass had to appreciate the surviving reason, to preserve the plain, ordinary. Passage of time, I also went on, can not help but find the chant, as I remember it was just standing in the background. Until today, this peaceful attitude reminds me of the written sentence, the era of the face of strong lineup, looked frail, pale.
    New Year's Day, the cold and bowed
    gucci messenger bag the ground, feel the piercing winds, seemed to be especially cold this year. My heart is at work, or really very cold climate. Those who may imagine or think of the place or the personnel, so that a trace of sadness my heart bloom. The face of the old past, even contemplate life, only to endure the cold, only to make you strong, even if it no longer out of reach of the fiery eyes. With so many unseen depths, insults, or betrayal, or a helpless feeling, what can? How will?

    Who do not know where to see this number depicts the life sentence: "We authentic gucci shoes for cheap deformed material desire traction; traction is the responsibility of the subsidiary, but also by was peace of traction. Although we lost, may ultimately have to return to balance. Otherwise, it will never defect. And we need to survive. “
    What can us in the end? There have been so torn and the description: "thinking. Some people give up, some persistent,
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    difficulty, but some people have found the answer: trouble in the money, Jiangsu shelter, Lai Roofing rain, goes like dust." Go with the flow. We have not withstood another loss themselves.
    Life is a hard to make work, family, health, friendship and spiritual balance of the game, it stood at the tower base and the resulting material derived from accountability. So we resist the cross-flow of material things, but did not give up basic survival. We are concerned about the spirit, can know the material first. But we can not let it bury our direction, we buried
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    soul alone is not empty.
    There is a famous saying: "When master of philosophy, familiar with history, love art, spirituality full of falling into the rapids of the river, I will take it lightly to tell you: nothing, do not panic, she could swim, she was three years old to started to learn, and have now a full three years, she will not lose the whole life.”
    Because was wanted to get it to give it? But life is changing, when you can get when you pay may mean, what can harvest it? The same trembling heart was same trembling soul. Challenge and be challenged and perhaps
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    become the norm in our lives.

    Live a lifetime, only know that life may not be simple and transparent, transparent and people can not help to reach out and embrace the breeze blows and the sun trying to into her arms, and when the cheers of hope once again return to the arms of his hands, one finger Executive has, hands empty, his face confused. Focus on emotions, who does not aspire to, not who can sub-space and quiet time to let go. Sometimes he did not grasp the sense of proportion, but is unsympathetic to others. The world really needs true feelings, we are too eager to each other, eager to love, heat, light and harmony, but we found that in real life is not reliable, and common. Do allen outlet mall coach martyr, so infatuated with the Han, and our traditional culture has been glorified. May it always in a strange hostile the rest of us, let us cry. We often because of resistance to the weak, often because of injuries but do not want to hurt other people. Comment period has been the fate, I will humble pen is "you are challenged," this written into the tired words fail to catch up, or may be destined to reach the dead.

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