Fallen man is still a valued friendship


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    Fallen man is still a valued friendship Empty Fallen man is still a valued friendship

    Post by sisy001 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:36 am

    Petals are an important family of the person, a sincere beauty of the text - "mother's taste," reading his eyes moist. Flower and immersed in the mother's love gucci factory outlet taste of strong, break is not concerned about the heavy volume on the net! "Cold weather was    day." Worried about how deep this! How helpless! Children do not do something for the parents more I identify with the pain!

    Fallen man is still a valued friendship. I remember a long time to see a large section of her text messages, time is actually the early morning, falling Road End Road, good morning and good night, in order to respond promptly friends puzzled, and she not afraid to stay up late. What section, and whether foreign section or our national holidays, her blessings are predictable, gucci bags discount, the last day of 2010, I, in late at night, but also with the thickness of your debt situation, and finally also on the order of relief after all, to the Year of the Well.

    Humor, one that is right was your personality. Winter Solstice, you send text messages: "as we say back home, do not eat dumplings winter solstice will be frozen out of the ear, so today we must remember to eat, oh. If you forget, remember to was thank you falling, was be all right, he!" I know that you won the swirling snow best gucci shoes United States appreciated the text, but we can not actually turned into a pipe through the back door cold on the Wong Tai Sin, right? Your article, "they begin the heart lonely" Let me lament my plain shallow, creativeness and elegant interpretation of snow was deep, I am ashamed to say: two talented women sympathetic, I shore amazing! You naughty or are funny and show evident: "say what the shore, alas, you have come this is not what, falling to pull you out - pull black gucci sunglasses down, or one way or another pirate ship, he!"
    Reading you, I
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    not read your article implies the cultural meaning, but also you have not read through the high aesthetic quality, that is snow you can do. I could understand I can only choose to read. As you read this feeling, really indescribable. A lazy, to borrow the lyrics it: you feel like reading in March, the season of romance, the kind of poetry; time you feel like a spring, the joy of classic, beautiful poem.
    You know, falling? All your moves, was my view. Forget where you said, if you are a Certified Public Accountant. Do not know the day and the monotony of life dealing
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    how the figures will give you so delicate emotions, poetic language, philosophical ideas.

    Snow said: "I do not want to listen to the voices of flowers every year, I do not stare Petofi Quarter light rain, I just see you, I just read you, I just Fiji Zhao light thin that the light rain falling in Susa sound, for you love, crazy for you, for you drunk, as you are willing to immerse yourself in one elegant, pleasant ... ... "
    My heart is no exception, you are my poems, read you, even thousands of times is not enough.
    The New Year has come, read your request for loan
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