Living Museum Children's Products appears


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    Living Museum Children's Products appears  Empty Living Museum Children's Products appears

    Post by sisy001 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:49 pm

    Children's shoes industry in Guangzhou in 2010 launched a vigorous "create card" campaign. The shoes saved for a well-off family property business, spend lots of money brought in to play all kinds of star image ambassador; R & D innovation, product line into a full system integration shoes, support from large to provide one-stop service sales terminal; set up gucci mens wallet points throughout the country, the order will move to the target market. Multi-pronged role is very clear, Guangzhou, children's shoes industry in the year to achieve a major transformation and a new leap.

    Living Museum Children's Products appears In 2010, the children relive the era of industrialization, in the baby goods market, against the backdrop of the big bang, being hurried retreat, children's shoes and apparel companies are promoting the integration process, children become increasingly popular one-stop service: Hornet Integration of the first shoes stores around the belt gucci appeared one after another, kart racing, etc. Fall 2010 launch of three stylish clothing line, ABC Kids brand of children's shoes integration of resources to launch the spring and summer clothing range available across the country in succession, Cambridge "Campus wave of people first brand" one shot fired, Tootles new shoes in the spring seminar was officially launched on Figure children and so on. Kid’s shoes companies have launched many projects.
    Wear shoes with shoes industry of Fujian to the integration of many brands in the terminal has also made a bold attempt. Not only the design team or directly
    all gucci sunglasses the hiring of children's clothing brand grafted vigorously to overcome the children in the development of talent and innovation, but also brought about through the integration of rich products, a variety of children's products to create a living museum.


    Road leopard brand roll out a national monopoly system, the introduction of the "Healthy experiential" marketing model, so that more parents and children to was understand and feel the way leopard personal health products brought about by the series of human care. Youth in the end lead Ruska Ding Cardin sports apparel monopoly system, build Cardin 2010 gucci shoes museum of Chinese youth from the land, air in full swing along the line to enter the domestic market. Guangzhou Regal Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. has successfully launched the "Y-16 Youth Sports Hall", developed to shoes, clothing, sports equipment, stationery, toys and other integrated product, making it the exclusive "90" New generation of living museum.
    Million expenses to be hire star in 2010, Guangzhou shoes brand building companies use stars to help the situation worse. Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Regal median of 7 large amount of money can be invited to the Olympics to help out small Tonguing Lin Miao; Li Yutan, Liu Xian, Pan Yang, Ming Dunlin, respectively, as the seven wave-hue, to help Gordon, Cambridge, Shading
    gucci bags discount as brand image brand ambassadors in many activities.


    The ambassador is not entirely children. Research Center of Chinese children's products that the Secretary-General Chen Showing, Guangzhou means to promote the brand children's shoes are from the early years, mainly to promote the image prior to the cartoon, to the star, adult development, the diversity of forms. This is also to meet the diverse visit site of a market performance.



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    Living Museum Children's Products appears  Empty Re: Living Museum Children's Products appears

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