Orders will be moved to the target market


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    Orders will be moved to the target market

    Post by sisy001 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:50 pm

    The early years, children's shoes industry, weak economic foundation, high-priced contract for the star of the "Rush-style development," powerless, had to continue to adopt a more "cost effective" way of cohesion, the "cartoon endorsement" mode. In the "Cartoon endorsement" mode with the help of children's shoes industry gradually through infancy, gucci outlet online began to promote the development of high-end brands. In recent years, more and more were children’s shoes enterprises to embark on a "child star + advertising" independent brand development road. Driven by the star effect, the gradual formation of children's shoes brand, brand influence has been greatly improved. As to the youth market in recent years, the brand shoes active penetration of the market in this age-level ambassador can not fully confined to children star, the star of a number of youth idol drama naturally take on a new mission.

    Orders will be moved to the target market in 2010, Fujian gucci messenger bag be ordering shoes brands have moved to the target market, the regional order would be as a tool for leveraging the investment of the domestic market and a springboard into the national market. Research Center of Chinese children's products, said the Secretary-General Chen Showing, the early ordering is the ordering role of children's shoes, inviting agents to attend the meeting of the national orders, often dozens of individuals, small, very limited influence on the regional market and secondary basically, agents can not cover, radiation. Especially for those who want to make a difference in the national market, the brand, this mode of operation is undoubtedly too lagged. So many shoes brand last year, began to use a variety of ways to increase brand influence, and change orders gucci shoes be models, it is the wish to further expand the market for children's shoes brand countermeasures taken.


    The form of regional order will be combined with local media, through the promotion of pre-and post-investment, to bring the regional market is a great help. On the one hand, agents throughout the enterprise can work together on regional markets deep secret agents to help carry out the rectification and upgrade old customers, let new customers begin to understand or even accept the company's brand, and expand the brand in the local market share and brand 2010 gucci sunglasses. On the other hand, companies can visit through the field to speed up exchanges between dealers at all levels and experience sharing, speed up the image of the shop terminal, the terminal distribution channels such as team building, further promote the terminal sales.


    Effective way of using this order are ABC, never an expert, Tinker Bell, road leopard, Yu-speed and many other shoes brand, with its regional order will be held, the regional market team management, terminal building, branding operation http://www.newguccioutlet.com/gucci-belt-c-69.html have been enhanced and the other for the domestic market to support the operation of the sample.

    Children's foot to establish a database National charity project, "Chinese children foot research database" in the census of 2010 into the simulation phase, which is the first time the census activities for children feet, this project started this also means that China's cheap gucci wallets for men will move towards a trade shoes times the standard test data.


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