Breakdown product standards development


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    Breakdown product standards development

    Post by sisy001 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:51 pm

    December 2010, "Children's casual shoes" Fujian Guangzhou local standards will be held validation. According to reports, the standard since January 2010 by the relevant departments, through several levels and the drafting of amendments, and held several technical seminars during work. The comments after four seminars, and ultimately the formation of the gucci outlet nj draft, draw the Expert Group for approval.

    It is understood that the domestic footwear industry standards in the industry, divided into children's shoes, leather shoes, sandals and sports shoes categories. As the scale of children's shoes industry has expanded each year, with enterprises to the brand, the current areas of urgent need for a children's shoes to enhance information exchange, development of the industry's largest standardized platform to casual shoes to promoting children's healthy gucci bags outlet rapid development of manufacturing industries, For this reason, the local industry standards have emerged in Fujian shoes. Take the lead in the development of industry standards will help guide the orderly and children's shoes in Fujian Province, healthy and rapid development; help to further strengthen the industry self-discipline enterprise, is conducive to children's shoes enterprises in the sustainable development of domestic and foreign markets. Children's shoes industry was from reality, so that evidence-based children's shoes were a production, scientific and standardized. For improving children's casual shoes Fujian, overall product quality, product market competition and the protection of 2010 gucci shoes use of safety performance have undeniable practical significance.

    Boatman set up a "children's shoes Branch" After six months of preparation, Fujian Shoes Association branch was set up children's shoes. The first branch president of children's shoes, children's Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Fujian Flick FU Wei-Jin, chairman, said the establishment of the branch of children's shoes children's shoes for a unified industry standard, to guide the industry to establish a standardized system to establish a diversified marketing channels, the establishment of provincial industry-level R & D base is extremely important. Branch of Fujian Shoes Association shoes sound of the Secretary-General Xiao said that the current is in brand shoes in Fujian initial stage, we must actively Boatman started regional brands. "Guangzhou strong manufacturing, but the commercial circulation is relatively weak, the lack of Boatman awareness and action to seek a breakthrough in power." He said.


    China Research Center of the Secretary-General Chen Showing was children's products, at present, three major domestic production bases of shoes, namely Wenzhou, Guangzhou and Guangzhou. Children's shoes from the three largest manufacturing base to see, Wenzhou is the larger production base of middle and low children's shoes, while Guangzhou is the producer of high-end children's shoes, Guangzhou is the production of sports shoes, children, the main base. "High-end children's shoes industry in the development of the market process, its inherent belt leather, has emerged out of: lack of uniform guidance and support, market competition is not standardized, weak awareness of corporate law and so on, seriously hampered the development of children's shoes industry. So, children's shoes industry, the need to set up a professional and authoritative trade governing bodies, especially in Guangzhou has a complete industrial chain of children's shoes industry, is imminent. "He believes that the establishment of children's shoes Branch, to enhance the cohesion of the industry, children's shoes industry cheap gucci wallets for men era has arrived.

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