Ten brand shoes Ping Chu


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    Ten brand shoes Ping Chu

    Post by sisy001 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:52 pm


    First held in Guangzhou, China shoes Industry Forum named its top ten the year 2010, children's shoes brands, and outstanding contributions to industry, enterprises and individual awards. From Fujian Guangzhou Regal Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. "Yong Ago Ran", Jinxing Ming Wei Co., Ltd. shoes of "camel", Fujian, I Shoe Company's "good dog", Annan City in Fujian Province to help board shoes Industry Co., Ltd. "to help board," Altman (China) Children's Products Co., Ltd. "Ultra man", Jin Jiang Jinee Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. "Kathy Long", Astor Boy (Fujian) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. The "Astor Boy" and other brands selected by the General Assembly's "2010 Top Ten gucci mens wallet shoes in China" award.


    Annan help Tang, Chairman Hour Bangui shoes and sporting goods company in Fujian Province, chairman of the Friends of foot Yi-Fen Yang, were given "Outstanding Contribution Award for shoes industry," the honorary title. In addition, Jinxing Ming Wei Zhang Congaing shoes, Chairman, Group Managing Director in front of the tiger to the Far East are shoes so get Lin Shandong, chairman of the "2010 Industry Person of the Year Award for gucci belt shoes," the honorary title.

    On the difficulties, the most prominent problem is the high degree of dependence on export-oriented shoe. The biggest difficulty is the shoe technology constraints of structural adjustment and more. Reporter: Housie further shoe industry to upgrade the town's blueprint and direction? Lebanon: The exhibition features the economy, transform and upgrade traditional manufacturing industry, bigger and stronger footwear technology upgrades. Autonomy into the industry, high-end of the scale, agglomeration, branding was the track, speed up black gucci sunglasses and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and the pace. 600 million pairs --- Housie Town Shoes 2010 annual volume.20.9 billion Housie Town --- shoe was industry output value in 2010.  500 Housie Town --- the number of was the current shoe.


    According to the "transformation and upgrading of Dungun shoe industry and cluster development policy support program," said the 2015, Dungun shoe production will reach 1.91 billion pairs, output value and sales revenue reached 80.5 billion; strive to 2015, the Dungun-building R & D center into a shoe, footwear trade center, distribution center shoe brands, cheap gucci shoes production base in one of the world's footwear capital. 2010-2015 periods, to keep the footwear industry in Dungun shoe production volume of more than 5% annual growth, average annual output value and sales revenue growth of 10%. By 2015, production amounted to 1.91 billion pairs of shoes, total output value and sales revenue reached 80.5 billion. Dungun shoe for high-end shoes in the world trade volume share of over was 80% domestic market share of 20% or more.


    And the "garden shoes" the same unfamiliar to domestic gucci bags discount, as well as Chiai Tai (China) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Last year, the new "swing shoes." This so-called "swing shoes", hard to say clearly whether it is shoes, a category which, in fact, it is a body with a fitness function while the new technology to bring entertainment combined with new concepts products. The Chiai Tai Company is relying on their own this unique and distinctive products for the knife products, promote CP brand sports shoes from the original gucci outlet online shifted to a new lifestyle concept.

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