Marketing to launch the World Cup


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    Marketing to launch the World Cup

    Post by sisy001 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:52 pm

    Guangzhou in 2010, crowded sporting goods industries, the major sports brand to sponsor its own way in the Olympic Winter Games, World Expo, the World Cup, Asian Games and special events on the pocketed the eye, several large shoe companies are growing more than 20 results %. Behind this outstanding performance is the size of several major brands have been declared across the terminal, "7000 shop" after the mark, relying on the domestic and third tier cities, a huge market space, and shops continue to scale forward.


    Marketing to launch the World Cup Last February, held in Vancouver, Canada Winter Games, Guangzhou sports brand fired the first shot event marketing campaigns. Partner status with the Chinese Olympic Committee, ANTA firmly occupies the advantages of sponsoring this event. The delegation set off in China before the Olympics, the Chinese Olympic Committee will hand Anta, held in Beijing, "at this moment for China," ANTA 2010 Olympic Winter Games delegation of receiving awards ceremony and released bolstering departure meeting. Winter Olympics gucci bags outlet receiving awards as a sponsor of the Beijing Olympics, Anta, after the first Olympic competition at the international level there's the domestic sports brand.
    In addition to Anta, the city's Three Six was relying on the Chinese women's curling team sponsorship in Olympic arena. After preheating the Winter Olympics, World Cup in South Africa last year, Guangzhou and Guangzhou Asian Games to become the main battlefield of brand marketing campaign. First, the high-profile World Cup in South Africa is involved in Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. wild force. With the FIFA (FIFA) and Asian operators experienced more than a year of negotiations, field force has finally become the official 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament in China
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    shop operators.

    And the main opposition force is the same route Del fashion movement also benefits the World Cup extravaganza. Advertising resources of gold in the World Cup at the tender, Del benefits won nearly 30 million Yuan in the price of prime time. Del benefits side said that compared with the Beijing Olympic Games, World Cup, and no major gucci mens wallet during most of the brand, which is Dell's best chance to show their benefits. Increased ad spending during the World Cup there is another special step fashion sports brand. As early as the year before last, special steps will be advertising during the World Cup ahead of grafting resources. Early last year, special steps sponsor Premiership club Birmingham City after the football has become a special step is about to "Fun" in cheap gucci sunglasses fashion movement. During the World Cup, special steps will introduce the theme of "non-dance world, you and I love 'X' Football" ad films, released during the World Cup-intensive. In addition, for this World Cup, special steps also created the theme music video in particular, and invited famous Taiwanese band combination of "power train" to be photographed.
    Sponsor of Guangzhou Asian Games Guangzhou Asian Games are Anta from the Chinese Olympic Committee in 2009 signed on as a partner, the most valued of a sports event. ANTA stakeholders with the words, China is hosting the Asian Games, Asian Games gold medal in successive first national total, Anta's service time and time again to
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    the award along with the national anthem played and the flag the rise and there, you can say, "Anta with IOC as partners firmly grasp the favorable competitive position."


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