Boarded the Expo stage


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    Boarded the Expo stage

    Post by sisy001 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:53 pm

    Guangzhou Asian Games was another main character is Three Six. Since 2008, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games successfully signed senior partner, Three Six focus is the promotion was put on the market in the Asian Games.

    As a senior partner the Asian Games, Asian Games in Guangzhou and Thirty-sixth was for the torchbearers, volunteers, referees and other officials and to provide equipment. In addition, Three Six nine Asian countries was also provided for the Asian Games and buy gucci wallet, they are the Philippines, Korea, Cambodia, Maldives, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Brunei. In addition to increased sales outside the propaganda, the Three Six was also in the arena by his senior partner did not forget the special status of the brand experience in the Asian Games, Chinese sports hall on behalf of the brand achieved a "breakthrough." The museum is also the first Asian Games in the history of Chinese sports brand museum experience.


    Olympic basketball has been hit, and then took the belt cheap during the Asian Games in this session to implement its "Western strategy." Set off the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Olympic movement and the delegation of six countries close together, including the Iraqi Olympic delegation, the Lebanese Olympic delegation, Tajikistan Olympic delegation, the Palestinian Olympic delegation and the Iranian National Basketball Association Kyrgyzstan national football association. In this regard, the Olympic chairman CSU Jungian had told reporters that the six countries from Central Asia, the Middle East and other "Western" areas, which is overseas marketing expansion, pick another layout. Peak will continue to force, and use of resources and cooperation in international, leveraging overseas markets.


    Boarded the Expo stage Expo boarded the big stage, not only concentrated in Guangzhou sports brand exposure and enhance the image of the individual during the World Expo brand was still clever to enhance product sales. Shanghai World Expo, a collection of spring shoes, army special steps, Three Six once, Beefing, Tutu and other brand shoes, involving sports shoes, slippers to shoes and other fields. As a sports brand representatives, special steps, and Three Six once during was the World Expo, respectively, as the park outside the park volunteers and blue gucci shoes in the event, winning enough marketing points. Guangzhou Beefing slippers from more access to brand image and product sales double harvest. The company's products "treasure" slippers is "Shanghai World Expo retailer" and "Shanghai Expo licensed manufacturers" as appears in the Expo. According to reports, Beefing slippers opening of the Expo as a licensed retailers appeared in the first months of a single store at 10 million records sold.
    Guangzhou scholars have talked about the benefits of economic time that the World Expo, the Expo will be long duration, the number of
    gucci bags outlet as much, are the largest in history, this period will allow the country, or even awareness of people around the world Guangzhou products, but also let more people know of Guangzhou. For enterprises in Guangzhou, stationed in Shanghai World Expo, the overall strength of the global display business, product technology, corporate culture, not only to enhance the brand and product visibility, reputation, also corporate and brand to the national audience and national media under the lens, business opportunities for gucci outlet vacaville.


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