Towards new goals and shops


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    Towards new goals and shops

    Post by sisy001 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:54 pm

    Elegant birds have chosen their own unique way of sponsoring state sponsored eight teams ball center training gucci bags sale, competition suits and receiving awards. Back in November 2006, elegant bird with a small ball of China State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center formally allied, to become China's national sports teams in eight equipment sponsor. In 2010, during the Asian was Games in Guangzhou and elegant birds brought the largest team sports brand in China. Which include the golf ball, bowling, rugby, snooker, and squash, speak taka, gucci wallet outlet and bocce. In addition to the throw, all of was the remaining seven events for the Asian Games.

    Towards new goals and shops For public information, with the Winter Olympics, World Expo, gucci factory outlet World Cup, Asian Games and special events on the outstanding performance last year, several major shoe companies in Guangzhou are more than 20% performance increase, a number of sports brands of the terminal size in 2010 have a breakthrough, "7000 stores" mark. Analysis of the industry, thanks to the second and third line of the huge market authentic gucci belts for cheap breakthrough, "7000 stores," the mark, the strength of the company's number of stores will continue to grow. "We have always faced is the most wide range of people. We are dealing with population size, extensive coverage; it also means we need more stores to serve our customers." Sources said a sports brand.

    Another official said the shoe, the company in recent years, every year more than 20% of the rate of growth, but also the size of a single store to open each year in the growth rate of 800-1000 homes, and shops soon reach the scale is can be expected.
    Brand of bold and innovative small and
    Small brands rise to become was another bright spot in 2010. These brands in marketing mode, channel, location and other aspects of bold innovation, and once again seen to the unremitting Guangzhou shoe business passion.

    Construction step (Fujian) Footwear Co., Ltd. brand of the channels and Po's bold and innovative business model is particularly of concern. The sound of noise in all of sports shoes market; find another few people still interested in the vulcanized shoe market. Jean Shi Chun-Ming, deputy general manager step that must follow the principle of high-platform diving, through good markets, good technology, good platform to achieve rapid development. In authentic gucci sunglasses, Po Tat made to the "non-sports line" idea. Vulcanized shoes, in addition to heading the new blue ocean, Po Tat is also carried out a bold business model innovation, the "vulcanized shoes, jeans +" cross-border co-operation model for a new brand in the channel available on the expansion of the possibility of the rapid rise . Po Tat idea is allied with the jeans, shoes do not grab pants, and pants do not grab shoes. Penetrate through each other channel, not only can bring fissile terminal outlets, the infiltration speed network, but also can "cure jeans + shoes" is subtle and stylish way of life passed on.

    Take the difference of marketing, from product innovation to Manhattan Shang Xiao also winning the Group; the company developed a new shoe "garden shoes." It is understood that a "garden shoes" also known as "hole shoes", popular in Europe in recent gucci shoes. In 2007, U.S. President George W. Bush to catch a wave of summer sandals, his feet with this "hole shoes." Thus, the Manhattan-based children's shoes production Shang Group EVA ten production lines introduced last year, the production line for the new brand will be put into "special wow" garden shoes production.

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