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    Post by huang on Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:18 pm

    gunmen 49 games unbeaten record this legendary 64-match; February in the premiership, football jerseys again at Arsenal on tasted sweets, he faced in the gunners career when he scored his first 100 pitches. Today again face the gunners, small fat are going through a renewed confidence stage, observing fulfillment he miss many penalties also calculate excusable.In fact, the whole game down, besides ji-sung park's goal, Manchester united almost all other ghd offensive is Wayne rooney completed. Although rooney not scoring, but most of the fat boy occasion is depend on oneself created, but not squander teammates passes. Wantonly For example the first nine minutes in the coach outlet half, rooney received his teammates in long pass, outside the box away 2 defender of the protected under, he relaxed ball turned round, in the box made long shots, this isn't 1 times too good chance, but became instead Manchester united after the most threatened 1 times ugg boots sale. The first 11 minutes, Wayne rooney in the frontcourt is coase cut ernie behind kicked, to win the frontcourt set-pieces. Article 23 minutes, Wayne rooney and in receiving Anderson outside the box, keep pace coach purses the 1 foot sharp passes the long shots, si ze, save only accept down nehemiah furiously ball.

    Manchester united game another 1 times scoring chance to appear in the 54th minute, Anderson in the coach handbags door 11 yards, direct hit the single-blade goalkeeping body, missed opportunities extended their lead for the team. But the Brazilian scoring opportunities, the creator is Wayne rooney in three gunners defender double-teams next, clever passing, and he sent out the game 1 for the Addis ababa manufacturing single-blade back heel where it belongs. Article 86 coach wallets, rooney and 1 times extremely threat irrepressible, he in coase cher, close-fitting interference under irrepressible away the top corner, choose the target again left deep impression to the person. As a striker, perhaps Wayne rooney's faith without complete recovery, but in body state and oakley sunglasses online, small fat several exciting shooting have let a person discern him during last season's brace.

    A full match the most touching scene appeared in the first 74 minutes Wayne rooney after his penalty. At this ray ban wayfarer sunglasses, the chorus 75227 name fans began Shouting "ROONEY ROONEY!!" . Usually 1 striker miss many penalties would be a reward for boos and ridicule, most be home fans of silence, and this situation at old trafford poured conveyed, fans can charge forward 8 months in mobile warfare is not scoring and miss many penalties coach outlet, so selfless chorus into exciting encourage the sound of Europe, I'm afraid that the club also few. Can have such a die-hard fans help irons, small fat even like "vegetable" as the goal, waiting for a permanent cheap gucci sunglasses also someday will be at their 46-point efforts and waked!

    After the sky sports news gave rooney seven points, the score after man-of-the-match had eight points of coach purses, even worse than the match-winner ji-sung park is still high, reviews are: "accidentally before missing a penalty, but small probability events". But this sentence comments some nonsense of flavor, rooney past nine penalties against werder Bremen, this is small fat missed the first four, but also in his old trafford penalty lost the first 3 penalties. cheap dior sunglasses so, the penalty punishment lost no affect pang recently state recovery of the facts. According to OPTA statistics, rooney game 4 shots 3 times, shot positive is shot is the sum of the others, have shot is chi flat iron also have threatened three times, leading the team. On the offensive end, his data particularly eye-catching.

    Wayne rooney will not just on the pitch so hard to find goals, ferguson expectations is also one chi turbo the source of power. Sir alex ferguson at his pre-match had said: "Wayne training state is very good! He last two games has done well, we are very happy. I hope he completely dedicated to do the high strength to adjust the state, the following two games are very important, he air max 24-7 like very much, there is no doubt that he is ready." In order to encourage his hand out of love, the Scottish at Addis ababa examples: "berbatov ten games without a goal, into a goal is five, so can change everything. air max Monday is the same thing will happen because Wayne rooney to Arsenal has a very high goals ratio, he is the one who can stop when you score players." Sir alex ferguson's wishes, though no dreams, but about Wayne rooney on the pitch to see, he must not be air max 2011.

    8 months mobile warfare is not scoring, rooney really worth fans sing? Actually eight months itself air max ltd just a number, as in the world first-class striker, is in charge of England, opening the country media too hard on him is normal. Wayne rooney in South Africa on World Cup didn't score, but the England team play downturn, not united striker 1 person's fault. Planing to ghd hair straighteners two months of league intermittent, rooney represent Manchester united real from last season's league game scoreless just March 30 began in late August in the middle of the six games, against west ham, small fat, who has scored a penalty. 10 days later, he again for England against Switzerland ugg bailey button achieved mobile warfare goals. Thereafter pang experienced injuries and leave crisis and long time in America, from training to adjust games are no system

    this just affected his state, meantime against rangers in the uefa champions league group, he also scored a classic argyle knit and helping the team win. Carefully a calculate, eight months of digital seemingly amazing, but rooney's ball waste not seem so lets a person cannot accept it. A wonderful as expectation in the barclays chi pink summit wars, Manchester united bettered club (132 years) ever in the top flight to start the season unbeaten record lasted until 16 games, combining to touch the true kongfu reflects in: tactical only proper, and there are always good defensive key figure to stand up. Arsenal and main rivals Manchester united, Chelsea's top nearly 11 RACES is only 1 draw 10 negative into five goals lost 23 goals, still cannot transcend this way ghd iv styler .

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