A little more patience


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    A little more patience Empty A little more patience

    Post by sisy001 on Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:31 am

    Now, most people are 'plan more, coach wallet outlet implementation of small, review no', young people, with particular attention to. "Then a little compassion” I am a Buddhist, converted after seven years ago, has been a vegetarian." Familiar with the Yang knows that, regardless of business no matter how busy, he got up very early every day, meditation, meditation Buddhist compassion, has long been disseminated to all aspects of his life. "Poverty is immune to reach and the world economy" is a word everyone is familiar with, as life can be really is not many guidelines; Yang Sun is the "minority" in the first.

    "Ad" is back after a certain society, where the values of Yang Sun, "the material and spiritual wealth of the points, back to the community, my values.” Shortly after the earthquake in We chuan, Jeans west donated 7.5 million, "This is just to help a beginning, and this amount is an indication of our attitude.” Why people are always so unhappy? In fact, think coach handbags outlet of you to do what other people and society, few think about what you get, do not pay too much attention, will sleep."

    So, he is now actively was work and living more for others and society. The current poverty-stricken areas in the country to "Jeans west" named Hope primary schools has reached 33; Jeans west work also established the Hope Project "Jeans west coach purses outlet Student Fund", to date the total degree of student funds up to 1800 million; Jeans west held "Love to help thousands of jobs for college students" activities, provided more than 1,000 poor students the opportunity to work in Jeans west stores, and donated 300 million to establish "Jeans west hope that teachers fund" to improve the poverty-stricken areas qualified teachers.
    And through the organization of the "China Jeans west Cup Casual Wear Design Contest", "Jeans west Super Rookie", "National Extreme Sports Masters" series of activities to give young people the potential to provide a showcase lessons ﹑ ﹑coach bags saleplatform .A little more patience” Now many young people eager to start, eager to succeed, it is not wrong. But things are not just the results and rapid return on planting patient only after a good harvest."

    As Jeans west Cup Design Competition, over the years, for other enterprises, may in the end to this continued investment is not cost-effective, but in fact, although the number of human material and financial resources to pay, the last fact, as companies are finding a lot of good design professionals, but also develop more consumers; like Jeans coach outlet store charity song will be, "can now take the initiative to attract stars to participate in our songs will, in fact, our charity this force to spread out, so that more people are concerned about to the charity it up, the positive effects of this on society, immeasurable. "

    "There are three idols of my life, first my father, and he taught me no matter how poor hard the ambitious; Second, Mao Zedong, to create a new cause of his courage and wisdom of the strong; now the Buddha, I now only able to solve their own problems, want to have great wisdom. "Growth of young people also needs such a gradual process, and patient to establish their own goals for each stage, searching for opportunity, not anxious.

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