There are two cancer patients


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    There are two cancer patients Empty There are two cancer patients

    Post by sisy001 on Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:32 am

    There are two drowning person, a great vision, a short-sighted. Two fell into the broad river in the struggle, and soon became exhausted. Suddenly, good eyesight that sees not far in front of the boat is to drift to their side. Who are suffering from myopia dimly seen? Thus, the two have the courage to strive to the boats and crossed out. Rowing, good eyesight who have stopped because he saw it, it is not a boat, but a length of frail old wood. However, coach outlet storeof people who did not know it was a length of wood, he is still struggling to move forward paddling. When he finally draws to a destination, and found that it turned out to be a length of frail old wood, he was not far offshore. Good eyesight so who lost their lives in the water, and short-sighted who has gained a new life.

     There are two cancer patients. Flexible one ear, to hear the conversation from the doctors that they can was only live for three months time. Thus, unhappy coach bags, the results have not died three months. Some of the other person's ears back, not to mention the conversation overheard doctors, are that you tell him directly that he also told not clear. Strangely, he not only lived three months to two years is now gone, he also alive and well.

    In the United States, two companies of similar size, their president, and a man named Robert, a man named Steve. Robert is a person skilled in calculating, always higher than other people see the long term. Because he has long predicted the coach purses outlet U.S. financial crisis, so he decided to dissolve the company, but also to themselves and their employees to leave some living expenses, or is sure to be in debt. Because his analysis that, in 2008, the United States, 30% of the companies to close down, as he is now such a small company, being 30% sure on that.

    Steve is not only not a good at calculating, even gave people a stupid feeling. He Han believes that the future is always unpredictable, even if you plan the world's most perfect place in front of him, he would not believe, because the future has not really come. He feels his company can survive as long as one day, he would have to sustain it. Result, his coach handbags outlet miraculously spent this financial crisis sweeping the globe. Eventually, people will be calculating the dissolution of the company, while not calculating people, puts the company to do even more bustling than ever before.

    Life, a lot of things, do not know better than to know, not flexible is better than the flexible, non-smart is better than smart. This is often said that the woolly-headed. In fact, the Life itself is confused, all the happiness and well-hidden in the confused, coach wallet outletsober, and all the joy and happiness will follow vanished.

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