Beauty comes from the invisible


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    Beauty comes from the invisible Empty Beauty comes from the invisible

    Post by sisy001 on Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:36 am

    Beauty comes from the invisible, when the ray coach outlet store growing old and the wind in my bloodless face, my mouth slightly thrown into a smile. Staring at a distance leaning out of windows, bringing the past spring's was abundant land, the arrival of summer more life to the green world. Time is running non-stop, I am still a stubborn Sizemore only their own world, but the past is no longer the lonely and desolate; I know, you're always in, never to leave. Illnesses that have plagued me from time to time, I know the heart can not withstand repeated toss, but I still can not get rid of the disease are given everything.
    Today, still did not go to school, still doing a bad behaved students, limb weakness, general feeling of brush with death. When the pain as death-like grabbed me tightly, I can not afford to reach out to counter any, the more pain the more crying grew coach bags outlet and more injuries, I love my parents, why when I'm a very tough battle, they were still warm you can not lie arms, close your eyes just wait for the next life cycle. At this point I was laughing to tears, because I know you're always in my heart, never to leave the warmth of the future light of my life.

    There is an invisible force in the United States under the bloom, as the proud mountain cliff alone wanton wind shaking the unknown flower, never moaned, never cry, a surge of strong and tough as human life, and thus a cycle of one year. Blossoms, the flower faded, with the constantly changing seasons and changing. I sit lonely corner quietly with their own unique way will you remember, my parents, my love, and recovery of all things die, ring around coach purses outlet around, my face is also lined with the years of the prints, but you have such as the past by never fade, nor had to leave.
    When you feel like you're here with me, hug me gently into the warmth of your arms, relying on the watch sunrise and sunset, spring, summer autumn and winter. Look, the wind scattered the clouds of the sky, another international bright; listen to your heart are the thoughts floating, and a smile. Time is like water flowing constantly, when we getting older, the coach handbags is retained by such old heart. We love not in a dream, but in real life and reincarnation.
    You say: I am happy, because you deeply love of me, when this will never change, I have already imprinted in your life. Finally know what the temperature of the pure, and finally to understand what is meant by the left eye tears, smiles right eye, had I been a happy woman, you have to live in the ocean of love. Looked up, the sky light up, you place the sun comes softly calling me, life is good, tomorrow will certainly be better; your tender embrace coach wallet outletthe sunset of the Western Hills I, today, would have ushered in a beautiful finish tomorrow; day after day, year after year, you will always stay with me so quietly, Haijiaotianya.
    You say: you will use your life with me for a limited way, with your heart lights up my life career. You have to do my little valet, I, are loyal to me. Quiet tears my eyes, the happiness in the eyes flicker; love not because of clinging and beautiful, but because each has been the heart and warmth; will happen regardless of whether any where, love life, life is only held in her hand. Gogol little finger, never again to go back, to love each other to learn to love yourself. When thinking of you, put your name on the palm of the hand, spread the thoughts, hold the well-being.

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