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    Travel to Dalian Empty Travel to Dalian

    Post by sisy001 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:30 am

    Travel to Dalian, walking one night, Yu day, about noon near the train station on the broadcast, so I suddenly excitement for the next stop: Wafangdian.
    So excited, not because of attractions, not because attractions, but because "Wafangdian" often in my dreams, I would often transport ourselves to the enchanted, often thought of, often intimate, often missed, often warm. However, I have never set foot but this land; it is often very close to my dream haunting. I know that this thought, pure sound due to the thick accent of Liaodong, simply due to a pair gucci bags
    eyes moderate, and fortitude, and not simply due to a thin figure.
    He is a veteran, a veteran I'll miss the one who helped me care about me but I forget the name of the veterans were. The only thing I remember is that his family lived in Wafangdian.
    He joined the army three years earlier than me, I joined the army, and he was about to demobilization.

    Even when the recruits blackboard, I pack almost down. He is an
    gucci shoes company's instruments, from time to time even down to the recruits, sometimes while watching me out of blackboard newspaper, while chatting with me, but also often point out the blackboard newspaper give me advice, I have a good blackboard newspaper or add a lace. He writes the word beautiful pen, and I with G, as are the Northeast, is a concern to me extremely.

    Especially in the rest of that month, my leg, he almost every two to three days to look at me, and sometimes with two or three cakes, gucci sunglasses sometimes get a few pieces of beef jerky, and sometimes two bags of instant noodles Shoo Shang, and sometimes out to a box of canned pork liver, two people eating while chatting, far apart. However, I after all recruits, except for veterans with JIE JU am a respectful, but then there is a gratuitous preparedness, always afraid to get too close. What is the name he does not even dare to ask, and even he was living in Wafangdian, are what he said. But I remember his promise to me, saying that such a company under the Ministry of me to even take his job, when the instrument, because even the instructor's task is to identify his successor, the company documents. I became his first choice.
    Recruits with the end of the day, we have to move beds and luggage, toss for ages, just settle down, the company commander, instructor took me into the company headquarters, they simply asked people ask me where, what age, what culture, and then put me sent back. Squad
    gucci belt and deputy classes, said: This guy was not even phase the Ministry. Jun-Jive Zhu classmate heard the sound of the wind on the fire to emergency fire came to me and said I'm lucky, what was with the Department of phase with the. I just smiled and coach outlet nothing. Unfortunately, the motorized infantry even so I only stayed one day, it was Te Julian transferred over. Since then, the veterans and I will no longer contact. We, eggs and other child recruits fared a bit before finally look like a veteran; you can make yourself, when the old soldier demobilized. Little by little, he will be in my memory, leaving only a child is not high, looks a bit thin, his face a bit angular, the eyes small but very bright, able to give the impression of a very smart, and remember The most clear is that gucci wallet mouth Liaodong thick accent, home accent is very similar with my mother. CSU vaguely remember his surname, but also called inaccurate.

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