You're still my friend


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    You're still my friend Empty You're still my friend

    Post by sisy001 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:33 am

    You're still my friend, I have this feeling. Those who often find the dialogue to find those gently shallow footsteps, was voice, unforgettable, full reunion-like feeling. My negativism, so you walk a little more injuries. I admit that you lovely people with continuous attack, along that road, turn it off slope, and my heart hit. Appears to have little skills, but I later stage of life, the people went out, never to be found, such as your shadow. Trustee you ask me, you're leaving. I know you has been brewing for the next departure, show the hardness of life, showing the trend of standing alone, to break up thousands of years, will say goodbye to my thoughts here.
    I quietly observed, you choose the way
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    that one. After a chance encounter three years, and I'm alone, you put your little son, let me hold it. "If my son, good," I said. You smile; there may be a lot of meaning, vertical and horizontal flow. Broke up a year old child called me goodbye, and that a firm gesture, moving my whole heart vessel.
    Of course not forget, I told a few friends from the mahjong time casino out to meet you, you say: "What this man what you want to learn it, but not seriously incorporation. Every bit as things to do, to recognize what
    belt gucci be do or not do, is your philosophy of it? “You know I do not love to gamble, but why friends to accompany me to play mahjong for hours, received phone calls telling them busy.


    Forgot No, you came here from fifty miles away invited me to dinner to all gucci sunglasses appreciation, my name is Xiao Yang, the one bought. I explained that this is the landlord, something that can do, is what I should run. Two days before New Year's Day, wedding at a friend's was that you attempted suicide by taking poison in the hospital the past 10 days. What made you make such a heavy, such an extreme choice? Yes ah! Loyalty and your commitment to be challenged! Sigh the world, fly in the ointment. People always to torment the world, a person commits mistakes, why should another person to bear the pain. This walk all day, once a bit of money there 2010 gucci shoes be some other position would have more stories to the young people must be more to come along. Truly faithful to adhere to become the best injury object, which is an abnormal trend, is not it! Love, really love a person, but that alone would be tragedy.

    To hear such a message, feel a need to echo the vibration. The fate of the horses has been running away, so that has changed authentic gucci bags quietest taste. I want to look at several design options, can be affectionate and sensitive face of you, I fear self-defeating, but self-salvation of your random adjustment. Into the wound, was the sad, I familiar with the implication of blood. Pretend to know do not know is a state, well aware, does not touch, do not click, and sometimes better; understand the communication and exchange of sympathy and a kind of state, long live the understanding; gucci outlet vacaville schadenfreude is a modern discoloration of the realm, was exclusive of a small part of the people.
    My heart is in walk, how to pass the heart of the warmth and sincerity can not be simple. I understand that you value the soul of the town, this style was warm me, this means has touched my heart. This means if want to cancel the account of this style, or to flee, only one death as the highest level. Dream alive and remember the color of a hundred years would not drop, do not want to roll down, climbing the death of mood, like climbing the ladder, as into
    ideal paradise. This boiling, so pure, that you want to find a permanent home, but I want to say is that it is not unique.

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