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    Looking to your sky Empty Looking to your sky

    Post by sisy001 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:38 am

    Looking to your sky, is determined to float atlantic city coach outlet crystal snowflake, let us use each other's heart, the human society, friendship writing crystal clear, as the time of the blank, a perfect outline. At this point, they begin you, is warm. At this point, with a memo text, a note of the fragrance along the way, and the line and cherish.
    Always felt, in the mortal world meet in the meet, and then intersect know each other; always has a fate of traction.
    When you walked into my world, those
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    exact date I do not want to go searching, and just across the thousands of day and night time, I still clearly remember when we first met, my funny.
    That day you walked into my home, sweet to call my sister. Which has always caught on, I always come and gone, always so careless? I have always felt, spiritual space, the text jumps are only refuge of my soul, mood
    http://www.newguccioutlet.com/gucci-belt-c-69.html spiritual sustenance to tell, so I little research other people's age, and rarely pay attention to other people's self-introduction, and even gender, but also often look at the name and take it for granted.

    This time, no exception, I saw your name on the snow after the two words are bamboo; they pretend to get back to you: "Thank you, sister!" The results of this reply, of course, your urgent clarification. Look at your notes and questioning, all of a sudden my face authentic gucci sunglasses against the red, is ah, how can I so careless? Does the name have a "snow" word; it must be a girl yet? Suddenly, felt a rush of inexplicable guilt and shame, when I read your name, they remember the words: dust Rue Mu snow.
    This little joke is the beginning of our fate. Since then, my Red, every day there are always greeting you a shallow, while the most common phrase most unusual greetings arrived all the beautiful language, always make me give birth to a warm inner warmth and emotion.

    Time like water, was silent. When we look back across time elapsed, there are some feelings time can always stand the Inquiries and still mellow. For http://www.newguccioutlet.com/gucci-shoes-c-67.html, you and me, along the way, Hand in Hand, every time I Looking back, you can always see the eyes of honest concern, always see you behind me, accompanied me, trials and hardships.

    Every time you open the computer, or log on QQ, your avatar to the constantly flashing. That is what you give me the morning greeting sent, or gently call soon, or a friendly smile, or a warm word. Every festival, or the cold weather comes, http://www.newguccioutlet.com/gucci-bags-c-66.html phone, there is always the information you warm as ever. Whether I return was dot, greeting, and onward.

    As a result, met the day and night, my air, the taste of the sun is flowing. Even the cold of winter, greetings on your palm, heart, will have a touch of warm sun, gentle walk through, the mood becomes soft and appropriateness in an instant, moved quietly spread.
    I know, you're always in, whether I come
    not come in or not, you are sincerely Glean distance, watching over me, warm me. As long as I look back, as long as I need to talk to, your shadow will certainly appear in my line of sight, quietly accompanied, quietly listening.


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