R & D intelligence agencies work together


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    R & D intelligence agencies work together

    Post by sisy001 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:51 pm

    According to those who conceived the project and the person in charge, National Leather and Footwear Industry Productivity Center technical director Quiz Li, this is one of only specifically for Chinese children foot research, the project will fill the data of feet in http://www.newguccioutlet.com/gucci-wallet-c-70.html gaps, to make up the field of children's shoes, feet and last, the relationship between the feet and shoes lack of basic theory will help enhance our children's shoes comfort, health, sex and overall level of technology, thus speeding up the children shoes standardized and parts assembly process. Therefore, the establishment of a new foot databases, has gradually become the footwear industry in the new round of market competition, the imperative to seize the development opportunities. According to the Project Sponsor responsible person, in addition to the current preparation of the database by a number of related national research Gucci belt review and universities provide comprehensive technical support, Guangzhou and Zhejiang also received the shoes the active cooperation and support enterprises.


    R & D intelligence agencies work together Last year, some children's shoes companies and some universities and research institutions to jointly promote their foot research projects, and developed their own intellectual property.
    Among them, the project by the enterprises in Guangzhou, China Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute participated in the study of the provincial key project "Children's shoes based structural health system development and industrialization" project has entered the stage of operation. Aggregation of a number of well-known industry experts corporate research center, leather and footwear industry with the Chinese Academy of foot and shoe to match the system module, design module shoe components, shoe of the preferred system modules, such as three part of joint
    black gucci sunglasses. National Leather and Footwear Industry Productivity Center technical director Quiz Li told reporters, shoes, children's health functions related to the foot of the basic protection, such as comfort, shock newguccioutlet.com/, slip resistance and balance.

    The project will be the physiological function and exercise for children to study the properties of the function and design of shoes. Also research and development enterprises of the enterprise project application complete with independent intellectual property patents, "the balance of shock absorption with anti-skid protection of children shoes." The patent for the motion characteristics of child development and on into the shoes for shock absorption, foot pressure, cheap gucci shoes performance, etc. try and make the results of experimental analysis, using multi-index evaluation method, the assessment into the shoes of the health system. Through independent research along with national patent shoes Co., Ltd. Way Ming. The company has successfully developed the first dual-corrected growth of Chinese children shoes; children's shoes which are a function of the health care of children grow up enough to correct shoes.


    In addition, Figure by the European and American Lung Group and the Beijing Sports University children's shoes jointly launched a "normal children of 4-12 years of walking foot pressure and foot type parameter measurement," the first phase of research projects gucci messenger bag completed in 2010. The project aims to reveal the ages of children 4-12 years of age distribution of plantar pressure and its mature change mechanism and laws.

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